INTERPART Product-List

 Part Number   Description   Brand 
701/60008Panel SwitchINTERPART
701/60010Blank - Panel SwitchINTERPART
701/60011Sensor VacuumINTERPART
701/60012Panel SwitchINTERPART
701/60014Cold Start SenderINTERPART
701/60016Switch 3 position 12VINTERPART
701/60017Mounting Frame - END - BlackINTERPART
701/60036Mounting Frame - Middle - BlackINTERPART
701/60037Gasket - Panel switchINTERPART
701/60058Mounting Frame - 6 WayINTERPART
701/60075Proximity SwitchINTERPART
701/60076Proximity SwitchINTERPART
701/70000Replaced By - 701/80140INTERPART
701/70001Column SwitchINTERPART
701/70300Replaced By 701/80244INTERPART
701/70400Replaced By - 701/72500INTERPART
701/71101Replaced By - 701/80299INTERPART
701/71300Switch - Oil Temp GreenINTERPART
701/71900Replaced By - 701/80145INTERPART
701/72500Switch - HandbrakeINTERPART
701/72600Replaced By - 701/80266INTERPART
701/72700Temperature SwitchINTERPART
701/74600Switch -Power Range ChangeINTERPART
701/74700Switch - Oil Cooler FanINTERPART
701/80140Use - 701/80165 + 701/70001INTERPART
701/80145Switch- Fwd + Rev.PowershiftINTERPART
701/80165F/R Switch P12 ShuttleINTERPART
701/80169Switch - Console LHINTERPART
701/80184Ignition SwitchINTERPART
701/80191Replaced By - 701/80266INTERPART
701/80225Switch - Eng Oil Press (Green)INTERPART
701/80234Replaced By - 701/80266INTERPART
701/80265Panel Blank - with ConnectorINTERPART
701/80266Foot Brake Switch WhiteINTERPART
701/80277Switch - Temp (JS)INTERPART
701/80278Pressure Switch - Hyd Tank (JS)INTERPART
701/80295Column Switch - Manual TransINTERPART
701/80296F/R Switch P21 ShuttleINTERPART
701/80297P21 R/H Column SwitchINTERPART
701/80298Switch Fwd + Rev P21 P/ShiftINTERPART
701/80299F/R Switch P21 Auto/PINTERPART
701/80300Manual Column SwitchINTERPART
701/80308Switch - Water Temp (Robot)INTERPART
701/80312Proximity SwitchINTERPART
701/80313Proximity SwitchINTERPART
701/80314Proximity SwitchINTERPART
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