INTERPART Product-List

 Part Number   Description   Brand 
811/50272Pin - Boom Base (Backhoe 2CX)INTERPART
811/50273Pivot Pin - Dipper To Boom (Backhoe 2 CX)INTERPART
811/50274Pivot Pin - Dipper Ram (Backhoe 2 CX)INTERPART
811/50275Pin - (Backhoe 2 CX) Dipper To RamINTERPART
811/50276Pivot Pin - Stabiliser Leg ((Backhoe 2 CX))INTERPART
811/50277Pivot Pin - Kingpost (Backhoe 2 CX)INTERPART
811/50285Replaced By - 811/90475INTERPART
811/50304Pivot Pin (Loadall/Tele)INTERPART
811/50308Pivot PinINTERPART
811/50335Pivot Pin - Boom (1CX)INTERPART
811/50336Pivot Pin - Dipper (1CX)INTERPART
811/50338Pivot Pin - Loader Arms (1CX)INTERPART
811/50341Pivot Pin - Boom (1CX)INTERPART
811/50344Pivot Pin - Loader Arms (1CX)INTERPART
811/50350Pivot Pin - Top Kingpost (1CX)INTERPART
811/50364Pivot PinINTERPART
811/50365Pivot PinINTERPART
811/50366Pivot PinINTERPART
811/50367Pivot PinINTERPART
811/50368Pivot PinINTERPART
811/50369Pivot PinINTERPART
811/50371Pivot PinINTERPART
811/50372Pivot PinINTERPART
811/50373Replaced By - 811/90583INTERPART
811/50375Pivot Pin - Bucket Ram Dump EndINTERPART
811/50376Pivot Pin - Boom (1CX)INTERPART
811/50381Pivot PinINTERPART
811/50389Pivot Pin - Loader Arms (1CX)INTERPART
811/50390Pivot Pin - Loader Arms (1CX)INTERPART
811/50394Pivot PinINTERPART
811/50398Replaced By - 811/90478INTERPART
811/50400Pivot PinINTERPART
811/50420Pivot Pin - Dipper (Mini)INTERPART
811/50422Pivot Pin - QuickhitchINTERPART
811/50426Pivot Pin - Boom (Loadall/Tele)INTERPART
811/50428Pivot PinINTERPART
811/50463Pivot PinINTERPART
811/50482Pivot Pin - Slew RamINTERPART
811/50483Pivot Pin - Boom RamINTERPART
811/50489Pivot Pin - Loader Arms (1CX)INTERPART
811/50500Pivot PinINTERPART
811/50502Replaced By - 1025/2002INTERPART
811/50507Pivot PinINTERPART
811/50520Pivot PinINTERPART
811/50530Replaced By - 811/90590INTERPART
811/50548pivot pinINTERPART
811/50559Pivot PinINTERPART
811/50568Pivot PinINTERPART
811/50569Pivot PinINTERPART
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