INTERPART Product-List

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15/920112Replaced By - 15/920388INTERPART
15/920117Replaced By - 15/920396INTERPART
15/920118Replaced By - 15/920395INTERPART
15/920147Brake PlateINTERPART
15/920153Replaced By - 15/920110INTERPART
15/920154Repair KitINTERPART
15/920158Replaced By - 15/920389INTERPART
15/920159Parking Brake Pad KitINTERPART
15/920160Brake Pads - Kit HandbrakeINTERPART
15/920179Master CylinderINTERPART
15/920200Vacuum PumpINTERPART
15/920205Replaced By - 15/M04038INTERPART
15/920208Master CylinderINTERPART
15/920245Pad KitINTERPART
15/920247Replaced By - 15/920278INTERPART
15/920255Brake ServoINTERPART
15/920272Replaced By - 15/M04039INTERPART
15/920278Brake Caliper - (Wheeled Loader)INTERPART
15/920284Brake Pad KitINTERPART
15/920292Caliper Kit ( inc Brake pad kit )INTERPART
15/920310Replaced By - 15/M04038INTERPART
15/920315Spring - Parking BrakeINTERPART
15/920388Servo AssemblyINTERPART
15/920389Cylinder(Brake Servo)INTERPART
15/920393Kit - Brake PadINTERPART
15/920394Kit - Brake PadINTERPART
15/920395Kit - Brake PadINTERPART
15/920396Kit - Brake PadINTERPART
15/920397Kit - Brake PadINTERPART
15/920402Master CylinderINTERPART
15/920403Master CylinderINTERPART
15/920433Bush Kit - Brake CaliperINTERPART
15/M04037Brake Caliper - (Wheeled Loader)INTERPART
15/M04038Brake Caliper - (Loadall/Tele)INTERPART
15/M04039Brake Caliper - (Loadall/Tele)INTERPART
15/M04040Brake Caliper - (Backhoe) To 953016INTERPART
15/M04041Brake Caliper - (Backhoe) From 953017INTERPART
150/19302REPLACED BY 120/72003INTERPART
152/30800"Connector - ""T""piece"INTERPART
152/34801REPLACED BY 126/00104INTERPART
152/68200Cable Assy - 2WD/4WDINTERPART
153/02801Shim 3mmINTERPART
153/02803REPLACED BY 158/30576INTERPART
153/02807Shim 1.6mm - Boom (Loadall/Tele)INTERPART
153/44102REPLACED BY 158/30498INTERPART
153/44103REPLACED BY 153/02807INTERPART
153/44104REPLACED BY 153/02801INTERPART
153/80100Mss 159/69899+M12 BoltsINTERPART
155/10600Nut SealasticINTERPART
156/05200Mss 159/69900+1318/0508Zx2INTERPART
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