INTERPART Product-List

 Part Number   Description   Brand 
JC/505141ZP 9/16 O CLIPS [Pk of 50]JCB
JC/505142ZP 5/8 O CLIPS [Pk of 50]JCB
JC/505145O CLIP PLIERS [Pk of 1]JCB
JC/505146ZP 3/4 O CLIPS [Pk of 25]JCB
JC/505147ZP 7/8 O CLIPS [Pk of 25]JCB
JC/505148ZP 1 O CLIPS [Pk of 20]JCB
JC/505150ZP 1/4 O CLIPS [Pk of 50]JCB
JC/505151ZP 5/16 O CLIPS [Pk of 50]JCB
JC/505251CLIPS 9 5-12MM [Pk of 10]JCB
JC/505252CLIPS 11-16MM [Pk of 10]JCB
JC/505253CLIPS 13-20MM 00 [Pk of 10]JCB
JC/505254CLIPS 16-22MM 0 [Pk of 10]JCB
JC/505255CLIPS 18-25MM 0X [Pk of 10]JCB
JC/505256CLIPS 22-30MM 1A [Pk of 10]JCB
JC/505257CLIPS 25-35MM 1 [Pk of 10]JCB
JC/505258CLIPS 30-40MM 1X [Pk of 10]JCB
JC/505259CLIPS 35-50MM 2A [Pk of 10]JCB
JC/505260CLIPS 40-55MM 2 [Pk of 10]JCB
JC/505301CLIPS 9 5-12MM [Pk of 25]JCB
JC/505302CLIPS 11-16MM [Pk of 25]JCB
JC/505303CLIPS 13-20MM 00 [Pk of 25]JCB
JC/505304CLIPS 16-22MM 0 [Pk of 25]JCB
JC/505305CLIPS 18-25MM 0X [Pk of 25]JCB
JC/505306CLIPS 22-30MM 1A [Pk of 25]JCB
JC/505307CLIPS 25-35MM 1 [Pk of 25]JCB
JC/505308CLIPS 30-40MM 1X [Pk of 25]JCB
JC/505309CLIPS 35-50MM 2A [Pk of 15]JCB
JC/505310CLIPS 40-55MM 2 [Pk of 15]JCB
JC/505311CLIPS 45-60MM 2X [Pk of 15]JCB
JC/505312CLIPS 55-70MM 3 [Pk of 15]JCB
JC/505313CLIPS 60-80MM 3X [Pk of 15]JCB
JC/505314CLIPS 70-90MM 4 [Pk of 10]JCB
JC/505315CLIPS 85-100MM [Pk of 10]JCB
JC/505316CLIPS 90-120MM 5 [Pk of 10]JCB
JC/505317CLIPS110-140MM [Pk of 10]JCB
JC/505318CLIPS 130-150MM [Pk of 10]JCB
JC/505319CLIPS 135-165MM [Pk of 10]JCB
JC/505320CLIPS 32-45MM 1M [Pk of 20]JCB
JC/505351CLIPS 9 5-12MM [Pk of 40]JCB
JC/505352CLIPS 11-16MM [Pk of 40]JCB
JC/505353CLIPS 13-20MM 00 [Pk of 40]JCB
JC/505354CLIPS 16-22MM 0 [Pk of 40]JCB
JC/505355CLIPS 18-25MM 0X [Pk of 40]JCB
JC/505356CLIPS 22-30MM 1A [Pk of 40]JCB
JC/505357CLIPS 25-35MM 1 [Pk of 40]JCB
JC/505358CLIPS 30-40MM 1X [Pk of 40]JCB
JC/505359CLIPS 35-50MM 2A [Pk of 40]JCB
JC/505360CLIPS 40-55MM 2 [Pk of 40]JCB
JC/505361CLIPS 45-60MM 2X [Pk of 40]JCB
JC/505362CLIPS 55-70MM 3 [Pk of 40]JCB
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