INTERPART Product-List

 Part Number   Description   Brand 
JC/955544BAR M20X1M [Pk of 1]JCB
JC/955545BAR M24X1M [Pk of 1]JCB
JC/955548THREAD BAR M10X1M [Pk of 1]JCB
JC/955549THREAD BAR M12X1M [Pk of 1]JCB
JC/955550SCRW M6X16 [Pk of 100]JCB
JC/955551SCRW M6X20 [Pk of 100]JCB
JC/955552SCRW M6X25 [Pk of 100]JCB
JC/955553SCRW M8X20 [Pk of 100]JCB
JC/955554SCRW M8X25 [Pk of 100]JCB
JC/955555SCRW M8X40 [Pk of 50]JCB
JC/955556SCRW M10X35 [Pk of 50]JCB
JC/955558SCRW M8X35 [Pk of 100]JCB
JC/955561SCRW M10X65 [Pk of 50]JCB
JC/955562SCRW M10X90 [Pk of 25]JCB
JC/955563SCRW M10X100 [Pk of 25]JCB
JC/955565SCRW M6X16 [Pk of 100]JCB
JC/955566SCRW M12X50 [Pk of 25]JCB
JC/955568HAM FIXS M8X100 [Pk of 50]JCB
JC/955569SCRW HOOKS M10X60 [Pk of 50]JCB
JC/955601SCRW M6X25 [Pk of 50]JCB
JC/955602SCRW M6X40 [Pk of 30]JCB
JC/955603SCRW M8X25 [Pk of 50]JCB
JC/955604SCRW M8X40 [Pk of 25]JCB
JC/955605SCRW M8X60 [Pk of 20]JCB
JC/955606SCRW MX25 [Pk of 30]JCB
JC/955607SCRW MX50 [Pk of 20]JCB
JC/955608SCRW MX80 [Pk of 15]JCB
JC/955609SCRW M12X50 [Pk of 15]JCB
JC/955701SCRW 1/4UNCX11/4 [Pk of 100]JCB
JC/955702SCRW 1/4UNCX11/2 [Pk of 100]JCB
JC/955703SCRW 1/4UNCX2 [Pk of 50]JCB
JC/955704SCRW 5/16UNCX1 [Pk of 50]JCB
JC/955705SCRW 5/16UNCX11/4 [Pk of 50]JCB
JC/955706SCRW 3/8UNCX1 [Pk of 50]JCB
JC/955707SCRW 3/8UNCX11/2 [Pk of 25]JCB
JC/955708SCRW 3/8UNCX2 [Pk of 25]JCB
JC/955709SCRW 1/2UNCX2 [Pk of 10]JCB
JC/955710SCRW 1/4UNCX1/2 [Pk of 100]JCB
JC/955711SCRW M3X8 [Pk of 200]JCB
JC/955712SCRW M3X [Pk of 200]JCB
JC/955713SCRW M3X12 [Pk of 200]JCB
JC/955714SCRW M3X20 [Pk of 200]JCB
JC/955715SCRW M3X30 [Pk of 200]JCB
JC/955716SCRW M3X35 [Pk of 200]JCB
JC/955717SCRW M4X [Pk of 200]JCB
JC/955718SCRW M4X12 [Pk of 200]JCB
JC/955719SCRW M4X16 [Pk of 200]JCB
JC/955720SCRW M4X20 [Pk of 200]JCB
JC/955721SCRW M4X25 [Pk of 200]JCB
JC/955722SCRW M4X30 [Pk of 200]JCB
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